BELLA Writer's Submission Guidelines

BELLA Submission Guidelines
At BELLA, we spotlight the ideal that beauty is defined by you, which is why our print and online initiatives present an engaging and informative combination of the latest health, beauty, and wellness resources – all with a local appeal. We strive to inspire our readership to discover the beauty all around them by showcasing professionals who share a passion for helping others identify and embody their epitome of beauty.
We believe that the pursuit of beauty and wellness is a journey – one that should be enjoyed and cherished. Join us in this adventure to inform, advise, and attract those seeking the services you provide. The pages of BELLA emanate sophistication and confidence ... qualities to which every true “BELLA” aspires. Remember, “bella” means “beauty” – our content strives to uncover the many definitions of radiance.
BELLA is published six times a year in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut – January/February. March/April, May/June, July/August, and September/October. We typically work on a four to five-month lead time with article features.
The tone of most articles in BELLA is light-hearted and informative. We pride ourselves on providing the inside scoop about beauty, wellness, and life in the New York area, and depend upon well-reported, colorful features to help us highlight that mission. We prefer experts and sources are from (or have a connection to) the tri-state area of New York/New Jersey/Connecticut.
Feature articles are between 500-1,000 words. We look for well-researched articles packed with real-life anecdotes, colorful stories, and expert advice and insight. Review a few copies of the magazine or our website to familiarize yourself with the BELLA style we love!
We recommend published writers query us with a well-structured article proposal. Follow this format:
  • Begin with the headline and lead you expect to put in the article. Make it catchy – grab our attention!
  • Write a summary of your intended areas of coverage
  • Give specifics about experts you plan to interview, the types of anecdotes you’ll include, which resources you plan to utilize, and what conclusion the story might reach.
Please include two or three URLs of your published articles. Our response time to all correspondence is approximately eight weeks.
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